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I am a cybersecurity researcher currently affiliated with the LSU Applied Cybersecurity Lab (ACL), and my main areas of research focus are memory forensics and malware analysis. I received my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in computer science from Louisiana State University, and I have worked as both a cybersecurity analyst in threat intelligence and as a product security engineer throughout my degree.

I am also a lifelong musician. In my free time, I love going to concerts, playing guitar, and reading.


I currently work with Dr. Golden G. Richard III at ACL, where currently a lot of the research is focused on memory forensics.

My research interests lie within operating system internals, reverse engineering, and binary analysis. Thus far, most of it has focused on malware analysis and on doing memory forensics with the Volatility Framework. Right now, my main focus is contributing to Volatility’s support of memory analysis on Apple Silicon.

For my master’s thesis, I explored new forensic artifacts that are exclusive to Apple’s M1 processors, some of which can only be recovered through memory analysis. This publication is embargoed until Friday, April 07, 2023.

During my undergraduate degree, I managed a repository of over 30 million malware samples and built automation mechanisms to help process them into a database that could later be used for research.


Masters Thesis (available on 04/07/2023)

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